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Aaj Ka Lawaris 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

Aaj Ka Lawaris 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online Informations :

Directed by Arjun
Produced by Subha Sandeep
Written by Arjun
Music by D. Imman
Cinematography : K. S. Selvaraj
Edited by P. Saisuresh
Production Company : Inspired Movies, Spice Team Entertainments
Distributed by Sree Ram Films International
Release Date : 17 February 2006
Country : India India
Language : Tamil] Hindi Dubbed
Original Movie Title : Madrasi
Cast : Arjun, Vedhicka, Jagapati Babu, Gajala, Vivek, Venniradai Moorthy

Movies Summary

Kasi (Arjun) comes to Mumbai to track his parents’ killers. He is successful in finding the first two. In order to find the third one he joins a goon Ravi Bhai (Raj Kapoor). This Ravi Bhai is in loggerheads with his own brother, Mani Bhai (Fefsi Vijayn). Mani Bhai runs another gang and the leading goonda in this gang is Siva (Jagapati Babu). Arjun and Siva know each other from a meeting in jail. But now they both work for enemies hence they are now enemies. Arjun gets into an argument with Ravi Bhai and Siva gets into an argument with Mani Bhai and they both leave the gangs and unite. Siva leaves his brother in Arjun’s custody. Mani Bhai and Ravi Bhai wanting to separate Siva and Arjun plot to kill Siva’s brother by killing Arjun’s lover (Vedika) and diverting Arjun. Siva’s brother is killed and Siva gets mad at Arjun.after that siva and becomes kasi becomes mutually understood to kill all the gangsters including ravi bhai son, but kasi demands to not to kill ravi sons and agrees to helps him to kill all the the end on a train every gangster was killed , and kasi is was fired by mani. siva tries to kill ravi’s son but kasi shows pistol to siva, by seeing that kasi is injured with bullet siva changes its mind and on spot kasi died.

Aaj Ka Lawaris 2015 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online Full Movie

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