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My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online

My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online
My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online Informations :

Director : Karan Johar
Release Date : 12 February 2010
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Shahrukh Khan, Christopher B. Duncan, Kajol, Steffany Huckaby, Carl Marino, Douglas Tait, Tanay Chheda, Harmony Blossom, Shane Harper, Big Spence, Mel Fair, Sheetal Menon, Jennifer Echols, Parvin Dabas, Retson Ross, Michael William Arnold, Benny Nieves, Sonya Jehan, Nicolas Pajon, Ethynn Tanner Cerney, Arjun Mathur, Reed Rudy, Arif Zakaria, Montgomery Paulsen, Kristen Marie Holly, Dominic Renda, Kevin Oestenstad, Mike Howard, Mark S. Porro, Laurence Brown, Brittany Disston, Marquis Scott, Ron Provencal, Daniel Lee

My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online Full Movie

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My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online

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36 Responses to “My Name Is Khan 2010 Hindi Movie Watch Online”

  1. Anonymous says:

    as a Muslim I interested to watch this the begining the movie quite interesting but the end seem no logical.does america care about Muslims? no matter how this movie is very good.

  2. Anonymous says:

    most of the ppl gettin it wrong "Its a movie abt humanity not Islam"

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes,, i do agree with this,, this movie is about humanity,, comman sense and right to live for those ppl who r not in fault,, all muslims are not terrorist ,,, and terrorist dont have any relegion,,, they r animals,,, NISHA SINGH

  4. Anonymous says:

    shahrukh ur d best and ur always my favourite…this is an amazing movie of urs..<3 u

  5. Anonymous says:

    its a best movie i love it SRK rocks

  6. Anonymous says:

    great movie an shah rukh khan is the best.Amitabh,aamir khan,salman khan compare to shahrukh khan are nothing shahrukh is the best from the rest.

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    thers no comparison for this..the movie is great..and islam is the true religion…

  9. LUIZA says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Best of SRK movie…
    watch at cinema. it's good.
    dont judge on online movie quality. you cant see small small details so you may think acting is not good.

  11. Anonymous says:

    i like this movie coz it is based on reality…iam also khan and also spent time in usa after 9/11 so i really like this movie

  12. jaan says:

    i luv this movie sharuk and kajol very good muvi this movi for muslims

  13. Anonymous says:

    i love sha rukh khan !!!! this movie is perfekt but not in german =( can you send me a link where i can look this on german? thank you

  14. nish.. says:

    shahrukh ur the best..nd kajol ur perfect…;]

  15. madhav says:

    you are wrong anonymous mnik is a good movie never abuse when you blog ok

  16. rubi says:

    It s a nice movie but a little exagerable, how usa will care of muslim the usa president can give the honor for a muslim, NEVER!! so let s be realist

  17. sultan says:

    this is a very good movie especially for muslims

  18. Ali murtaza says:

    Hey I am Ali Murtaza. This movie is very good. Thanks.

  19. Mackenzie Ward says:

    i want to watch bollywood movies because they are very colorful and lively,,”

  20. this movie is outstanding for not only muslim also for other religion to know what is our islam order us .Islam grew up by huminity not for terrorism .we belive in peace and those who commit terrorism ,they are the enemy of huminity and they dont have any relegion .they are sick people .So belive in huminity and dont think any thing worng about any relegion .just love huminity.

  21. naveed says:

    every human has right to live in this world. and all muslim are not terrorist. terrorist are those who has no religion they know only one think just to spread terrorism, islam dont say any one to kill innocent or do terrorism, it say only to be good and beleive in allah prophet mohammed (peace be upon him),

  22. kUWEHI says:

    helo. As a muslim i love this movie. there is some garbage hindus put in this but. i hate when the mother says there are 2 kinds of people good and bab. very bad lesson is put in tjis movie but otherwise very ggod

  23. nazir says:

    great movie with great acting.Most of the movies do label muslims as terrorist and it is not fair,it only gives the wrong impression
    about muslims in general.Islam have been hijacked by the extremist
    to get attention since their deeds make headlines.Majority of the muslims don’t support exremist.

  24. azan says:

    aslam waliakum matlab ap sub per salamti ho muslims and tersiost do alag cheze hai jo muslim hai wo tersit nai jo tersiot hai wo teriost he hai agar ap history phare hogi to ap to pat chalega pir faisla karna k kya sahe kya galat jaise taraha 5 unglia bara bar nai hoti us tarha insn bhe agar ap kuch nai karsakt to kaise k dil mat dukhaye koi bh religion is bt ks iznt nai deta mat karo my name is azan we are not tersiot kuda hafiz

  25. bilal says:

    as a muslim i like it

  26. john says:

    muslims are not terririst they are great parson of the world.

  27. hanna says:


  28. bollywood movies are nice and cheeky, that is all i have to say :.`

  29. Jay says:

    I like this movie, shahrukh is best.

  30. maham says:

    owsum movie i looooooooooooooooooooove it and i m the bigest bigest fan of kajol and shaheukh

  31. i love to watch online movies even if the quality is not superb compared to dvds”–

  32. KULDEEP says:


  33. KULDEEP says:


  34. Good job that you’ve gotten listed here. Please make sure to stick to the really good work.Most definitely i’ll undoubtedly revisit to get skilled.

  35. AnaChey says:

    Who is the real terrorist in this movie?

  36. gufranabid says:

    good film

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