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The Big Lion Gajakesari 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

The Big Lion Gajakesari 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online Informations :

Directed by Krishna
Produced by Jayanna, Bogendra
Screenplay by Krishna
Music by V. Harikrishna
Cinematography : Satya Hegde
Edited by Deepu S. Kumar
Production Company : Jayanna Combines
Release Date : May 23, 2014
Running Time : 165 minutes
Country : India
Language : Kannada, Hindi Dubbed
Budget : ₹8 crore
Box office : ₹19.25 crore
Original Movie Title : Gajakesari
Cast : Yash, Amulya, Anant Nag, Shahbaz Khan

Movies Plot

The film begins in the forest area of Aanegudde, an elephant reserve. A state minister arrives at the place of a local don, Rana. Rana forces the minister to sign a deal to open a resort at Anegudde. The minister signs reluctantly after seeing his bodyguard being murdered by Rana.

The scene next shifts to Prakash Raj introducing an ancient temple in the royal city of mysore called “Shankara Narayana” temple which is being managed by a holy Mutt, headed by the pontiff (Anantnag). The Mutt has a very good reputation by not being involved into any politics and also being equally revered by both Shaivites and Vaishnavites. Then comes into picture, the hero Krishna (Yash), with his mother Girija Lokesh. Krishna is a happy-go-lucky youth, a hard-core Rajkumar fan, who has a kind heart for people and is involved in a small time loan financing company. It is revealed that Krishna’s family is very much devoted to the Mutt and also that he was born after Krishna’s father pledged that Krishna will be sent to become the next Pontiff of the Mutt after Anantnag. In this context, Krishna is given a warm welcome at the Mutt and is requested by the Mutt head Anantnag to take up the spiritual leadership. Krishna refuses as he feels he is still attached to the worldly ambitions and he requests the pontiff to suggest an alternative. The Pontiff says that Krishna has to donate an elephant to the Mutt, if he cannot take up the leadership of the Mutt.

Krishna first tries several ways to avoid taking up Sanyasa ashramam in various negative ways, but each time in his attempt, he is given full respect and protected.

Krishna finally goes in search of the elephant and hence sets his foot in the forest of Aaneguddi. He takes the help of the local Forest officer “Agni” (Rangayana Raghu) who introduces him to the forest tribal people. The ancestors of these tribal people have been in that forest since centuries and have taken care of the local elephants. They befriend Krishna and some incidents make Krishna meet a single strong elephant “Kalinga”, who is feared by the tribal folk for his roughness. Krishna also meets a young ecologist (Amulya).

The local don Rana hatches a plan to route out the local tribal folk from their homes and build a resort there. When he comes there with his henchmen, Krishna and Amoolya revolt and help the folk. Krishna fights the henchmen and creates fear in the mind of Rana. Rana takes his right-hand man Selva to kill Krishna and at this juncture, the elephant Kalinga comes to his rescue. The head of the tribal folk sees Krishna reducing the anger of Kalinga and deduces that he is definitely the incarnation of Baahubali (Yash), a fierce warrior in the army of the King of Karunadu. The tribal chief then narrates the story about the valour of Baahubali. The king of Karunadu is about to be attacked by a king Verma. At this juncture, Baahubali defeats one of the strongest warriors of Verma. Saddened at this, Verma resorts to a cunning way and makes Baahubali’s close friend poison Baahubali. When he is poisoned, Verma attacks him with his army along with the traitor minister of Karunadu. In spite of his dying state, Baahubali single-handedly defeats the entire army of Verma and kills them. In this fight, Baahubali loses his pet elephant “Balarama” (this is the elephant which has incarnated as Kalinga), who kills some of the enemy soldiers and dies. Finally, Baahubali dies and the king of Karunadu awards the title of “Gajakesari” to Baahubali for his meritorious act of bravery and his service to the Motherland.

Now, Krishna having known his past life, faces Rana and his henchmen and is almost killed. The Pontiff Anantnag having sensed Krishna’s battle for life, performs Mrityunjaya Homa at the Mutt. This ritual strengthens Krishna and Kalinga aids him to finish off Rana and the henchmen. Finally, the Mutt Pontiff arrives at the tribal village and tells Krishna that it was his destiny that he had to help the village tribal people and that he has to continue to protect them as he did in his previous birth. The Pontiff also tells him that he need not become the next successor to him nor donate any elephant to the Mutt. He blesses Krishna to marry Amoolya and lead a prosperous life.

The Big Lion Gajakesari 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online Full Movie

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The Big Lion Gajakesari 2014 Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

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